Beth Alexandra Property is proud to work with SAM conveyancing to bring you the best advice on selling your property. You can find some top tips for fast conveyancing below from Marcus Simpson, editorial director at SAM conveyancing. SAM have over 70 years collective experience and have helped 1000’s of people to move home.

5 top tips for fast conveyancing!

Clients frequently ask us why the conveyancing process is so drawn out and why the activity cannot be completed more quickly. You can actually do much yourself to get a faster conveyancing process and what follows are some tips to help you achieve this:

1 Choose the right conveyancing solicitor!

It may strike some as earth-shatteringly obvious but lining up the right conveyancing solicitor from the outset is the best choice for completing your move quickly. It’s reasonable to think of merely opting for the solicitor who offers the cheapest quote but this can frequently lead to the process taking longer because, for example, that solicitor has too many caseloads to look after or won’t even answer the phone when you call in requiring an update.

High quality conveyancing solicitors should communicate with you regularly and proactively, informing you about how matters are progressing. They will also not have more clients than they can take care of properly.document-428334_640

Online reviews are one way you can find out about the quality of individual conveyancing solicitors or conveyancing solicitor firms but you can find out quite a lot just by phoning them. If their knowledge about conveyancing sounds impressive and you can talk to them easily – and you can do this on more than one occasion – it’s possible that you’ve located someone good.

Once you’ve tried your own research, if you’re still unsure just consult Beth Alexandra Property Agents; with their great experience of working with conveyancing solicitors, it is highly likely you will get good advice.


2 Instruct your solicitor BEFORE offers are accepted

Sellers and buyers often appoint their conveyancing solicitors only after an offer has been accepted. The trouble is, you invariably find yourself having to wade through nearly two weeks of form filling and scrambling to locate deeds after instruction. If you’d chosen your solicitor when you’d decided to start looking for a property or marketing your own, then you would have been able to complete all the essential paperwork so that when an offer is accepted, Beth Alexandra could then send out your sales memorandum, leaving your solicitor with all they require to get things started.

A buyer is more likely to favour you, as a seller, if you have already got all your legal documents ready so that they know they can complete weeks ahead of less prepared sellers. The thought of a faster completion is likely to put the buyer more on your side.

3 Don’t use Royal Mail!

Any solicitor who won’t use email as the main method of communication is best avoided as this invariably drags out the conveyancing process. To illustrate, you post a letter on Monday, it’s received on Wednesday and opened that evening. It is then responded to by another letter which is posted on Thursday, received on Friday and finally read on Monday…

LetterModern conveyancing solicitors aware of how precious time is all use emails as their preferred method of communication; the postal alternative is generally riddled with delays. You should therefore ensure you use email and scan whenever this is acceptable as this can save you weeks over the whole course of the process.

Generally email is acceptable to the vast majority of solicitors barring in relation to the original signed contract, transfer document, ID and stamp duty land tax form.

4 Book your lender’s valuation as soon as your sale is agreed

It can take weeks from the point of getting a mortgage in principle to getting your mortgage offer so it is important that buyers get their mortgage valuation booked as soon as their offer is accepted. Not only that, the whole chain is reliant upon a buyer being able to afford to buy the property at the asking price so finding out if the mortgage lender is happy to lend is a massive priority.

If you want to complete within a short time frame then make sure the buyer moves quickly to get their mortgage valuation booked with Beth Alexandra.

5 Choose Monday as your completion date!

Most conveyancing solicitors find themselves most busy on a Friday because this is when most people want to complete. Given work recommencing on a Monday, a weekend gives you some time to focus on moving in.

The trouble arises because Fridays are when conveyancing solicitors normally have to juggle the most other cases simultaneously. This means that Mondays then become a better day to complete on…in fact any day except a Friday. Into the bargain, you’ll find that removal costs are cheaper on other days too!

The conveyancing process can of course involve delays that can’t be so easily controlled, anything from missing deeds or councils being slow about returning information to defective titles. But you can try some of the tips above to speed things up – the chances are you’ll find that the process becomes that much quicker as a result. 

Marcus Simpson

SAM Conveyancing